DNS Records for Office 365

For setup office 365 environments and services need various kinds of dns records. I’ll explain as basic dns records to setup at first.

If your custom DNS zone is hosted by GoDaddy, Office 365 can configure the appropriate DNS records for you automatically, but is hosted by another DNS hosting provider, we have to configure DNS records as manually. In my case if I bought my custom domain, I don’t know GoDaddy, but after expires of my custom domain, I’ll buy it through GoDaddy. [I’m not related to GoDaddy]

  1. Autodiscover CNAME record for Autodiscover service.
  2. MX record for mail routing
  3. Sender Policy Framework  (SPF) record to verify identity of mail server.
  4. TXT record for Exchange federation
  5. CNAME record for Exchnge federation

Autodiscover CNAME record : Need to create a CNAME record that uses the alias Autodiscover to point to the hostname Autodiscover.outlook.com , so that Outlook clients have their settings automatically provisioned for Office 365.

MX record : Point to an Office 365 target mail server as in the form <mx token>.mail.protection.outlook.com , it needs to set mx priority value than any other MX records.

SPF record :  Sender Protection Framework (SPF) record is a special TXT record that reduces the possibility of malicious third parties using custom domainto send spam or malicious email. which email servers are authorized to send messages on behalf of the custom domain. It must be TXT record that must include v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all , set TTL value to 3600.

Exchange federation TXT records : To federation between on-premise exchange server and Office 365 for Exchange online, first is the hash text, second record have exchangedelegation

Exchange federation CNAME record :  To federation with Office 365 , CNAME record will have alias as the autodiscover.service  point to autodiscover.outlook.com

Skype for Business Online DNS records : Needs to two types of DNS records if you have a custom domain. Two srv records and two CNAME records to get Skype for Business working properly.

  • Skype for Business Online SRV records (flow of data between Skype for Business client)
    1. Service: _sip , Protocol: _TCP, Priority: 100, Weight:1, Port:443, Target:sipdir.online.lync.com , DNS manager => Forward Lookup Zones => Domain => _tcp => check _sip service Location (SRV)
    2. Service : _sipfederationls, Protocol: _TCP, ~~ Port : 5061, Target : sipfed.online.lync.com
  • Skype for Business Online CNAME records :
    1. CNAME record uses the alias “sip” and points to sipdir.online.lync.com [allows the client to find the Skype for Business service and assists in the process of signning in]
    2. CNAME record assists the Skype for Business mobile device client to find the Skype for Business service and also assists with sign-in, this record is lyncdiscover and the record target is webdir.online.lync.com

SharePoint Online DNS records : Needs to update SPF record , it include the text include:sharepointonline.com

There are MDM CNAME record such as  below

  1. MDM Enterpriseregistration (enterpriseregistration / enterpriseregistration.windows.net) : MDM Enterpriseregistration
  2. MDM Enterpriseenrollment (enterpriseenrollment / enterpriseenrollment.manage.microsoft.com) : MDM Enterpriseenrollment

I remembered if I heard this record during project , it feeled unfamiliar, but now it is more better than some monthes ago,




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I'm managing our Korea company's Office 365 administrator I want to be MS Office 365 & SharePoint MVP with certification.

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