Remove all distribution mail groups

If we want to remove all mail distribution groups, how can we do that?  I think this looks working,  Get-DistributionGroup | Remove-DistributionGroup , when I execute this cmdlet , it returns “Confirm” message to verify it. Confirm

What about this cmdlet?  Get-DistributionGroup | Remove-DistributionGroup -Confirm:$true  , but this cmdlet works same to ask “Confirm” message    , but if  we make  Get-DistributionGroup | Remove-DistributionGroup -Confirm:$false  , it deletes all distribution groups which I have,

Normally if we use Remove-DistributionGroup cmdlet, it requires Identity parameter  , and if we try to remove multi users , we are making csv file to set column to UserPrincipalName to extract each rows, but in this case also require Identity parameter, I wanted to make remove all mail distribution groups without Identity paramemter.   What is meaning of “Confirm” parameter  , Confirm parameter is Optional , whether to show or hide the confirmation prompt.    -Confirm:$false : You can skip the confirmation prompt by using this exact syntact ,


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I'm managing our Korea company's Office 365 administrator I want to be MS Office 365 & SharePoint MVP with certification.

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