Exam 70-346 : Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements

Hi, I recently have taken exam about 70-346 (Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements) then one MCP passed it , during taking exam I felt it’s so hard to answer questions, because office 365 product development is so fast to follow, so the exam which I took , it is also reflecting,

In case of me ,  “Plan and Implement Networking and Security in Office” is hard , suddenly I felt it’s good resource to take exam using “Office 365 for IT Pros”, I’m in progress to take another MCP as 70-347 (Enabling Office 365 Services), if I read all contents of this book, apprently it’s so helpful to take exam and understand office 365 more than now.

I’ve already purchased it, I’m reading Chapter4: Migrating to Office 365. I suggest you to read this book before taking exam for office 365 MCP to acquire MCSA for Office 365.




글쓴이: hongwoo jin

I'm managing our Korea company's Office 365 administrator I want to be MS Office 365 & SharePoint MVP with certification.

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