Check Office 365 services provisioning status

Hi, Today I’ll introduce how to check office 365 services are provisoned or provisioing. When we assign new licenses to office 365, services related to license are provisioned, sometimes it takes time half an hour or 1 day, so if you can see status of provision of services related to office 365 licenses, it may help to check the current status and what services you can use or you can’t use.

If  you use Get-MsolUser cmdlet, you can use then check services status.


PS C:\> (Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName[0].ServicesStatus

pending3.png Above this Service status  said , Exchange_S_STANDARD is PendingInput , it means if you start outlook under OWA, you can see below message “Error: You cannot open mailbox, it may the mailbox license was expired, so if you check how to get access authority of this mailbox, you ask your mail administrator” exchangeError.png If it takes time , when you check service status, you can see most of services are success to open it.provision2.png

I hope you can reference this link to check services status which you recently assigned.



글쓴이: hongwoo jin

I'm managing our Korea company's Office 365 administrator I want to be MS Office 365 & SharePoint MVP with certification.

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