Electronic Discovery(EDiscovery)

Sometimes defined as how records managers and litigators discover content stored in electonic format. It means the process by which searches are conducted across online sources so that information meeting the criteria for a legal discovery order can be found and made available for review

Both Exchange Online and SharePoint Online suppor in-place holds. It works by retaining content where is stored when a discovery search is performed. In-place hold is able to include all kinds of content stored in a mailbox or site. If items that come under the scope of an in-place hold are edited or deleted after hold is created, the application ensures the information is retained. For example, if a mailbox owner attempts to delete an item that is on hold, Exchange Online creates a copy of the items in a folder in the Recoverable items structure. The copied items are invisible to users and client but can still be discovered and retrieved by searches. [All coments are gotten by office 365 for IT pros book]


As I know the Recoverable items structure quota is 100G, if that structure is exceeeded to that quota, there are some odd symptoms such as deleted items folder cannot clean-up even if users are trying to deleted items from user’s folder, so as to use EDiscovery feature for storing and searching data , I think users need to use online archive instead of deleteing items on their folders.


Anyone who are reading this EDiscovery feature, you need to know that Recoverable items sturcture, if you see Office 365 for IT Pros mentioned when that structure’s quota is exceeded , it needs to contact to increase or not of that structure, but when I checked to ms engineer, that feature is not use.




Get started with Office 365 SharePoint Online dev – create environment part 1

I finally find some pages related to how to make environment for office 365 sharepoint online dev, if you want to know that, you should go this link.

I’ve already created office 365 my own tenant and with my own configuration such as domain which I own, service and other service values to activate for office 365. so this post just concentrate on how to make environment for office 365 sharepoint online dev.

First. Go to SharePoint admin center , then select settings

SPAdminCenter.pngThen go to “Custom Script” section, please change value to “Allow users to run custom script on personal sites”

CustomScript.pngSecond, You go to SharePoint admin center, then open apps

apps.png Click to “App Catalog” appcatalog.png Select  “There is no app catalog site created for your tenant”. then select “Create a new app catalog sitecreatenewappcat.png

You have to valid values to create app catalog site , if input properly , click “OK”createnew.png if you go to SharePoint admin center, you can see the site which you just created , it looks provisioning to that site. sitelist.png

You can use it to upload any custom apps that your organization has developed.Uploading custom apps isn’t much more complicated that uploading a document to a library and setting some properties. You can use the App Catalog site to do things like install custom or third-party apps on sites for users (also called app deployment), if you want to know more how to add custom apps and install apps, you need to go to this link.

Frankly I’m happy to make this post, it is clearly help to approach sharepoint online development.

Client Object model and Rest API-JavaScript Apps (1)

To create apps using Visual Studio 2015 Community, you need to make sure create sharepoint teamsite as developer site. We should make apps on developer site, then it need to deploy to app store. If you use not developer site but teamsite, on debugging , you can meet error as “Error occurred in deployment step “Install SharePoint-Add in’ : Sideloading of apps is not enabled on this site.”

Today I’ll show how to create javascript apps on online sharepoint

Create new project on visual studio 2015 communtiy

  1. Open Visual Studio 2015 community as administrator
  2. Make new project , select to Office Add-ins as “SharePoint Add-In” as name of JavaScriptDemo2createnewproject
  3. You need to input “What SharePoint site do you want to use for debugging your add-in?” to sharepoint developer site, and also select “SharePoint-hosted”newSharePointAddIn
  4. You need to select “SharePoint Online” on the Specify the target SharePoint versionspecifiyTheTargetSP
  5. It creates “JavaScriptDemo2” project as automatically

See around project which you created.

You can see Default.aspx page , it have SharePoint Script as “sp.js” , jquery and app.js.

Let me explain those components.

SP.ClientContext object (sp.js) : Represents the context for objects and operations.ClientContext constructor  initializes a new instance of the ClientContext object for the specified SharePoint site.

app.js : you can add javascript code and jquery code also

Let’s do it as easy example.

Create button on Default.aspx as Html Tag inputButton

Move to App.js then remove all scripts except ‘use strict’ on top of this script.appJsSc

After you save all changes then you need to “Execute” Button on Visual Studio, you can see deployed apps on this sharepoint like below. defaultPage

If you click “Load” Button, you can show below site as changed to message as “JavaScriptDemo1”AfterClickButton.png

This post which I recently uploaded to this blog to study online sharepoint as client object model. Since now I’ll create and concentrate on online sharepoint development


SharePoint Online Add-In 500 Internal Server Error

As you know when we deploy app online sharepoint , we can meet 500 Internal Server error in the on-premise sharepoint error, but how about this error on the cloud based online sharepoint? On-Premise sharepoint we can check IIS Log or SharePoint Central Administration, unfortunately there are no SharePoint Central Administration or IIS Log.


HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when deploy sharepoint add-in to online sharepoint.

Which code made error

WebPartZone1.png If I added that part then , it made interanl server error, as if this web part or WebPartPages:XsltListViewPart doesn’t work well in this app.


This link is located in GitHub’s PnP explains , Developers should not simply include WebPart markup in the ASPX page itself. Doing so can cause errors when the add-in is updated.



Obviously there are some changes for sharepoint development to add-ins. It needs to check GitHub’s PnP at first, then check the book or develop my own self.



Error of SharePoint-hosted app for deployed

I have error for deploying specific simple app to sharepoint-hosted on onffice 365 environment. But I’m not sure why it happens whenever I deploy sharepoint-app like An unexpected error has occurred.





Sideloading of apps is not enabled on this site

If you are making a site for app developing test….In this case normally we must create using development site. But sometimes we don’t know, so that deploy specific app project, it shows Error “Error occurred in deployment step ‘Install SharePoint Add-in: sideloading apps is not enabled on this site.

Solution : It needs to activate sideloading Features on the site.But I think it is able to activate on site collection features or site features, but no matter how  I check that features on site settings, there are no features, so you must use powershell, please check this link : I am also using this powershell then I activated it


Key is below like that

$sideLoadingGuid = new-object System.Guid “AE3A1339-61F5-4f8f-81A7-ABD2DA956A7D”
$site.Features.Add($sideLoadingGuid, $true, [Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FeatureDefinitionScope]::None);


Then if I deploy my app to sharepoint, it is successfully deployed , but then it has problem which I’ve created.

Creating SharePoint Online SiteCollection

To create sharepoint online site collection , you need to check and use “New-SPOSite” cmdlet. It describes “creates a new site collection for the current company”, it needs to load “Import-Module Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell ” module and authentication and connect-spo service before using create sharepoint cmdlet after remote connection via powershell.


  • Url : [Required] Specifies the full URL of the new site collection, must be in a valid managed company’s site, valid managed paths are https://contoso.sharepoint.com and https://contoso.sharepoint.com/teams  for company contoso
  • Owner : [Required] : user name of the site colletion’s owner, must be user , security gorup , or email-enabled security group
  • StorageQuota : [Required] : the storage quota for this creating site collection in megabytes. It must be set lower than 1024 megabytes.
  • CompatibilityLevel, LocaleId, NoWait, ResourceQuota, Template, TimeZoneId, Title , these are optional parameters
  • Owner must be user related active directory
  • One Site Collection Quota is 1 terra bytes.

Site Creation


New-SPOSite -Url https://cloudwide1603.sharepoint.com/sites/devSite -Owner owner’s email address -Template STS#0 -Title “Dev site” -StorageQuota 5000 -CompatibilityLevel 15ShowSiteCollectioList.pngthen it can show site collection which I created using powershell.


If is easy to create site collecton using powershell like GUI creation page. And I think we need to list up Template list to create various sites, teamsite, blog, search center…